Picking up on the session where you set up your own music schools, do some internet research for the keywords chief officer to find more C….Os. Tell us what their responsibilities are.


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  1. CEO = Chief Executive Officer = head of a company
    CTO = Chief Technical Officer = in charge of technical issues
    CFO = Chief Financial Officer = responsible for finance
    COO = Chief Operating/Operations Officer = in charge of operations management and of managing the daily activities of a corporation

  2. CEO – Chief Executive Officer (head of the company)
    CAO – Chief Administrative Officer (responible for internal affairs, e.g. human recourses etc. / also used for Chief Accounting Officer)
    CFO – Chief Financial Officer (in charge of financial issues)
    CIO – Chief Information Officer (responsible for information about the company most of the times also responsible for the IT-section)
    COO – Chief Operating Officer (responsible for managing the daily activities of the company; operations mangement)
    CTO – Chief Technical Officer (responsible for the technical section / technical support)
    CMO – Chief Marketing Officer (in charge of sales and distribution, publicity etc.)
    CQO – Chief Quality Officer (in carge of quality assurance)


  3. CBO – Chief Branding Officer (responsible for the company’s brands’ management)
    CCO – Chief Customer Officer (salaries, customer’s service; mostly just part-time activity)
    CDO – Chief Development Officer ((software-)development)
    CHRO – Chief Human Ressource Officer
    CISO – Chief Security Information Officer (like CIO)
    CKO – Chief Knowledge Officer (responsible for bringing the company’s knowlegde together)
    CLO – Chief Learning Officer (organization of further trinings, clases, education etc.)
    CMAO – Chief Marging and Aquisations Officer (aquisation and integration of of new departments)
    CNO – Chief Network Officer (e-business, economical use of networks and internet solutions)
    CPO – Chief Purchase Officer (buying/salaries)
    CRO – Chief Risk Officer (risk management ans analysis, especially in finance and banking)
    CSO – Chief Security Manager (like CISO, but also responsible for physical security)
    CVO – Chief Visionary Officer (development of long-term prospects and plans)

  4. I have tried to come up with central officers other than the ones listed by Julia and Jessica:

    CPO – Chief Purchase Officer: responsible for the procurement of a corporation
    CLO – Chief Learning Officer: responsible for talent and learning management of a corporation
    CCO – Chief Customer Officer: responsible for the relationship of the customers of a corporation to each other
    CHRO – Chief Human Resources Officer: responsible for the personnel management of a corporation
    CNO – Chief Networking Officer: responsible for managing the social capital of a corporation

  5. Hardly anything left but nevertheless I found some new examples:
    CAO – Chief Analytics Officer: senior manager responsible for the analysis of data
    CCO – Chief Communications Officer: head of communications, public relations and/or public affairs
    and again a CCO – Chief Compliance Officer: responsible for overseeing and managing compliance issues
    and yet another CCO – Chief Creative Officer: creative director in advertising, media or entertainment
    CDO – Chief Data Officer: member of the executive management team and manager of enterprise-wide data processing & data mining
    CLO – Chief Legal Officer: highest-ranking corporate officer concerning legal affairs
    CPO – Chief Privacy Officer: senior level executive responsible for managing the risks and business impacts of privacy laws and policies
    CSO – Chief Science Officer: head of research and development and new technology developments

  6. Chief channel officer (CCO)- is the head of all indirect revenue with Partner within an organization.
    Chief financial officer (CFO)- is the corporate officer primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the business or agency
    Chief visionary officer (CVO)- The title is sometimes used to define a higher ranking position than that held by the CEO, and sometimes used to formalize a high-level advisory position.
    Chief operating officer (COO)- is a corporate officer responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the corporation.
    Chief information officer (CIO)- is the head of the information technology group within an organization.
    Chief information security officer (CISO)- focuses on information security within an organization.
    Chief marketing officer (CMO)- is an executive responsible for various marketing-related activities within an organization.
    Chief analytics officer (CAO)- is the senior manager responsible for the analysis of data within an organization, such as a listed company or an educational institution.
    Chief administrative officer (CAO)- is responsible for administrative management of private, public or governmental corporations.
    Chief networking officer- is a business networking position in a company or other organization.
    Chief data officer- is a member of the executive management team and is the manager of enterprise-wide data processing & data mining.
    Chief technical officer or Chief technology officer (CTO)- is an executive position whose holder is focused on scientific and technical issues within a company.
    Chief legal officer- is the highest-ranking corporate officer concerning legal affairs of a corporation or agency.

  7. CBO (Chief Branding Officer) =responsible for the companies
    CCO (Chief Customer Officer) =customer service and salaries
    CDO (Chief Development Officer) =responsible for the software development
    CVO (Chief Vissionary Officer) =development of plans and projects
    CSO (Chief Security Officer) =responsible for security
    CRO (Chief Risk Officer) =analysis of risk
    CNO (Chief Networking Officer) =responsible for the usage of communication technology
    CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) =Knowledge management

  8. CISO (Chief information security officer) is a job that focuses on information security within an organization

    CGS (Chief Global Strategist) , or chief strategist, is the one of the highest-ranking corporate officer, administrator, corporate administrator, executive, or executive officer, in charge of the global strategy and global expansion of a corporation, company, organization or agency.

    CPO (Chief Process Officer) =executive responsible for defining processes for an organization to follow

    CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) = also known by other titles, is the corporate title of an executive position within a corporation that is in charge of the corporation’s environmental programmes

    CGO (Chief Governing Officer) = Defined term in some municipalities, organizations, or corporations as the alternative or secondary title for a Chairman of the Board

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